Self-Paced Training
Welcome to the new Self-Paced training using Wyzed.

If you have never participated in self-paced training before, please contact your manager. Your manager will need to set up an account on the self-paced training website for you.  (Managers, please refer to the Manager Document for information on creating accounts for your store employees.)

If you have participated in self-paced training, you will need to set a password on the new training website using the same email which was used for the Support Portal and previous self-paced training website.  Please refer to the Accessing Wyzed Document for more information.

To view any self-paced training you will need to register by selecting the link for the desired training session below.  If you are not already logged in, you will be required to log in.  If you have already logged into the new training website, you will be enrolled in the self-paced training course after selecting the link for the topic.

If you have any questions, please email

PrismCore Store Manager Self-Paced Training

PrismCore General Merchandise and Trade Books Self-Paced Training

PrismCore ICS Side of Web Self-Paced Training

PrismCore Course Materials (Textbooks) Self-Paced Training

PrismCore Rental Information Self-Paced Training

PrismCore Digital Content Self-Paced Training

Electronic Requisitions in PrismCore Self-Paced

Purge Process Self-Paced Training

PrismWeb for PrismCore Users Self-Pace Training

PrismWeb for Stand Alone and WinText Users Users Self-Paced Training

PrismInsight Self-Paced Training

PrismPOS 360 Self-paced Training

PrismCore Accounts Receivable Self-Paced Training

PrismCore Accounts Payable Self-Paced Training

PrismCore Membership Self-Paced Training

PrismCore in the Cloud Setting up Access Self-Paced Training