PRISM Training Curriculum
Inventory Control System & Integrated Accounting System
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PRISM sessions in Lincoln begin on Tuesdays and end on Fridays.

The PRISM training curriculum is designed to provide college store personnel with the tools and knowledge they need to successfully use their computer system.  PRISM is a comprehensive, sophisticated, yet easy to use system.  Consequently, CBMS Systems Support has developed a training program to address the needs of those who work in the various departments of a college bookstore.  Nine different PRISM courses are offered in keeping with the diverse procedures and responsibilities which are unique to the varied departments found in a college bookstore.  

Two of the sessions, Store Manager and Financial Aspects, are designed for the store's decision makers, i.e., the manager or director, assistant manager and/or business manager.  Four sessions focus on the Inventory Control System (ICS) and are designed for buyers of textbooks, trade books, and general merchandise with both basic and advanced sessions offered.  The remaining modules cover the PRISM Integrated Accounting System (IAS): General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable.  Each PRISM session focuses on particular aspects of the program from a specialized point of view.  Please refer to the following pages for descriptions of the training sessions.

Training sessions held in Lincoln begin on Tuesday mornings and end Fridays at approximately 11:00 am.  This gives participants the opportunity to travel on Monday, rather than travel during the weekend.  Please see the Logistics page for details about hotel reservations, payment methods and and travel recommendations.

Our philosophy is that for our customers to use PRISM successfully, they must spend time on the computer with directed learning experiences.  Our training sessions are designed to do just that.  Enrollment in each training session is limited in order to ensure time for individual attention and questions.  Each participant sits at a workstation which provides direct access to his or her own training data.  The class works its way through a training manual which contains real-life exercises, guided by our instructors, with each exercise building upon the previous one.

The goal of each training session is to send the participant home with practical knowledge that can be used on the job.  At the end of each training session, a person new to PRISM will know how to get started while a person who has already been using the program will have gained a deeper understanding of the product.  In addition, he/she should know how to find answers to questions and where to turn to for help.

Training sessions are held at Nebraska Book Company's Systems Support location at 5240 South 19th Street in Lincoln, NE.  This is a few blocks south of the Nebraska Book Company headquarters located at 4700 South 19th Street.  For costs, hotel information and other details, click on the Logistics button.

For information on how to register for a session, click on the Registration button on the left of the screen.