NBC/Neebo Store Support

New Central Website for College Stores: Over the next couple months, we will be incorporating the information from this support site into a central Intranet site for all College Stores needs. This site can be viewed at http://nebook/. Information will be transitioned to the new site through May 2012. This site will host the Playbook, College Store Communications, training tools, and PRISM resources like guides and downloads.


Support Hours:  7:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m., Monday Friday, Central Time           After Hours


          Call 877-443-5763 or 877-4-HELP ME, then...

          Press 1 for Business emergency
          Press 2 for Desktop or Network support including email, internet, ADP or BPC

          Press 3 for Prism support including ICS back office, POS or IAS

          Press 4 for Monsoon support

          Press 5 for Mobile Buyback or Campus Hub support

          Press 6 for Magic GM Buyers support



          For PRISM POS, ICS and Accounting, email retail.support@nebook.com.

          For Email, Internet, ADP, BPC or other IT issues, email helpdesk@nebook.com.

          For Monsoon, email support@monsoonworks.com.

          For Mobile Buyback or Campus Hub, email Webhelp@thecampushub.com.


          Phone: 888-469-5100, opt. 2 or 866-926-7587, opt. 2

          Email: IXC-Support@Telekenex.com


TRAINING VIDEO on setting up Wireless Internet Kit


          Low Resolution (QuickTime)

          AVI Version


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